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BluCetin Liver and Immune Support
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Have you ever worried about the damage your spirited lifestyle could be having on your body?
It’s life - you enjoy a few drinks from time to time, you don’t always eat the way you should, maybe you also take medications – these all can take a toll on your liver and health over time.

As we age these dietary and lifestyle toxins, environmental pollutants, and even life’s daily stressors all make it harder for your liver to keep-up.

Try BluCetin today and help provide your liver and body with the added support it needs to keep up with the demands of modern life.*
The Secret Behind BluCetin
Based on Nature, Perfected Through Science
Ultra-pure extracts from the Oriental Raisin Tree (Hovenia dulcis) have traditionally been used in Chinese Medicine to enhance alcohol metabolism and promote detoxification.*

Premium Silymarin from Milk Thistle to support liver health, and help protect liver cell function.*

Vitamin C for free radical protection and immune support with key electrolytes to help maintain the body’s natural balance of fluids.*
Toxic Overload and Your Liver Health
Without even knowing it, you put stress on your liver each and everyday. Overtime, behavioral choices, and even the environment around you, can have a significant impact on your liver health. This can affect your energy level, physical appearance, and eventually your overall quality of life and even longevity. 
Here's a list of everyday items that may negatively impact your liver health.

  • Foods that are high in fat or fried, or highly processed or contain chemical additives (like most foods today!)
  • Soda, including diet soda
  • Common pharmaceutical or OTC (over-the-counter) drugs and medicines, tobacco, alcohol, and even some supplements
  • Common cosmetic ingredients, even some household cleaning and garden products 
  • Air pollution and other environmental toxins
Choose the Smarter Way to Enjoy Life Responsibly with BluCetin!
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